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Raven Hart Susan Goggins, the real name of Raven Hart, has been a newspaper reporter, a speechwriter for a K Street PR firm in Washington, D.C., and for most of her career, a technical writer. Believe it or not, though, writing about how to keep your crane hoist in good working order didn't satisfy her creative urges. So she decided to become a novelist, at least part-time. Since the romance genre makes up half of all paperback fiction, she figured her chances of getting published there were somewhat greater than those of being hit by a meteor. So she joined Georgia Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America.

During the years that followed she wrote romances for Harlequin and Zebra and along the way won awards like West Houston RWA's Emily award, Virginia Romance Writers' Fool for Love contest, and Northwest Houston RWA's Lonestar contest. Later she sold stories for literary anthologies published by Belle Books. However, while she liked to read good romance novels, horror stories had become her favorite. She was hooked on the sinful, sensual, soul-challenged vampires of Anne Rice.

So Raven and fellow writer Virginia Ellis created a vampire series of their own, starring southern aristocrat blood drinker William Cuyler Thorne and Jack McShane, a sexy, blue-collar, NASCAR-loving vampire who didn't know what he was getting into when he volunteered for everlasting undeath. Both The Vampire's Seduction and The Vampire's Secret were co-written by Virginia "Gin" Ellis and Susan Goggins. Gin passed away suddenly in January, 2006. Susan will continue the Savannah vampires series with The Vampire's Kiss. To read more about Gin, click here.

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