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The Vampire's Revenge
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The Vampire's Secret Once a mortal with a beloved family, William Cuyler Thorne is now a vampire on the prowl for blood and beautiful women. He has the perfect cover as an admired citizen of Savannah society. Though Reedrek, the ruthless old-world vampire who tried to destroy William has been defeated, he still has his followers-and they will settle for nothing less than all-out war.

To counter this vicious band of European bloodsuckers, William organizes a vampire empire, which includes his handsome sidekick Jack; William's newly made eternity mate, the luscious seductress Eleanor; and a wannabe-badass named Werm. But as William and his team prepare for the ultimate showdown, the only hope for victory may lie with one woman, a vampire with unusual powers who holds the vampires' fates in her hot little hands.

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THE VAMPIRE'S SECRET, Ballantine mass market paperback, March 2007, ISBN: 978-0-345-47977-8


Raven Hart's THE VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION and its sequel, THE VAMPIRE'S SECRET, held me captive from the very first page! I love the world she's created and the incredible characters who live there. I can't wait for the next installment!
   —Alexis Morgan, author of The Paladins of Darkness series

"Well written and very gripping—you feel as if you really know these characters and care about their outcomes. There's a clever mix of humour, blood and sex, and it'll leave you wanting more."
   —Michelle Moore, The Book Club Forum

"Raven Hart is a bloody good writer."
   —Harriet Klausner